Raj Seymour

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Life Cycle Rituals

Whether you are celebrating a coming-of-age, a union, or end of life transition, meaning, intention, and connection are important elements to consider. I can help you design and then guide you through an experience that will be both grounded in who you are and what you want, as well as filled with spirituality, symbolism and embodiment. I will work with you to intuitively design rituals that are authentic to you and your circumstance, and then support you to enact them.

I can guide you through co-creation of:

raj seymour - life cycle rituals
“Raj has a unique ability to hold grounded and compassionate space that is needed more than ever in these times. My husband and I had the privilege of Raj being our wedding officiant. Having known Raj for a long time we were aware of the heart and wisdom Raj puts into everything he does yet, we were blown away. The detail, power and clarity that he put into our ceremony was one of the most meaningful parts of our wedding experience and one that we reflect on often with deep gratitude. What is brilliant and moving about Raj as a facilitator is his ability to navigate the terrain between the sacred and the ordinary in a way that makes the experience relatable, yet profoundly impactful. Raj’s gift is his ability to care so deeply and yet maintain a higher level vantage point that allows for healing to unfold in its own time. He is a master of seeing and speaking the truth and I trust Raj deeply.”
— Lauren L., Entrepreneur
“Raj did a masterful job in guiding my wife Sarah and I through our beautiful wedding day. From his preparation and council prior to our special day, to his calming presence and beautiful words before, during, and after the ceremony, we couldn’t have asked for more. Raj conveyed our love, our story and our spiritual connection in a way that no one else could have to join together our hands and hearts. A close friend before our marriage, Raj remains a guiding energy in our relationship to this day.”
— Kurt M., Independent Sales Rep.