Raj Seymour

Coach + Guide + Mentor

Individual Coaching

I am looking to work with those people ready to make change. The change could be big or small, personal or career-wise, mental, emotional, physical, spiritual. I bring my lifetime of experience to support you through whatever transition you are looking to make. I will show compassion and empathy and also challenge you and encourage you to dig deeper and grow. I will walk with you on this path of healing and becoming.

If you are looking to enhance your life:

Raj Seymour - Boulder Coach

“As a business coach Raj offers exactly what I need. He asks the right questions and then really listens to your answers using each reply to guide the next phase of each session. He doesn’t let you off the hook and yet manages to pull off a gentle and compassionate approach every time. Overall a joy to work with and instrumental in planning the next phase of a highly successful and profitable community event.”

— Jeff K., Small Business Owner
“Raj offers a nonjudgmental space to process the stories my experiences and my mind tell me about myself. His therapeutic services link the somatic responses to the emotional core, through which I’ve discovered a discernment of coping skills and the grounding of healing. The work Raj does is life-changing, I would recommend his services to anyone looking for balance and clarity, or even just a listening ear to add perspective.”
— Emma T., Legal Services Coordinator