Raj Seymour

Coach + Guide + Mentor


Meditation and Contemplation – Please join me every Tuesday night from 6:30-8 for a group sit and contemplation of a spiritual teaching.  Charis Meditation is a ‘process in that it has two dimension, vertical and horizontal, neither being complete without the other. The vertical dimension is a simple receptive (rather than concentrative) meditation practice, that allows the meditator to go ‘high and deep,’ opening to the sacred and its transformative influence. The horizontal dimension allows one to place that vertical experience within the embodied context of their own lives, guided by the world’s spiritual traditions and the wisdom we have inherited from them, through a daily practice of spiritual reading and contemplative reflection. All are welcome. This is being offered on a donation basis. Reach out for more information and the location.
Mens Circle – Come together once a month with a group of men to be supported and to support growth, vulnerability, and vision. We will join in ceremony as we explore meaning and purpose, joy and pain, compassion and anger. My intention is for us to come together and dive deeper into who we are. This is an invitation to know and discover yourself and also to express this in community. There will be periods of time alone, in dyads and in the whole group. Please reach out with any questions.

Yoga – I am teaching a weekly yoga class every Monday at 9am at Corepower Yoga in North Boulder. This will consist of mindful movement, deep intentions, and spiritual offerings.