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About Raj Seymour

Raj works as a psycho-spiritual guide and mentor in Boulder, Colorado. He blends many different modalities to bring a holistic approach to the people he works with. He has been trained in the Hakomi method, Internal Family Systems, Salt City Psychedelic Therapy and Research, a coaching program, non-violent communication, as well as various workshops and training in other modalities. He has also studied a variety of bodywork modalities including being a Level II student of Trager®. While not a licensed therapist, he draws from somatic based therapeutic models as well as a style of bodywork that brings healing through movement. He works with individuals, couples, and small groups through both ordinary and expanded states of consciousness. He approaches his life and work through an interspiritual lens, blending Judaism, Sufism, and Yogic traditions, and finds his deepest passion in relationships and spiritual traditions. For over 15 years, he has served as a Jewish educator working to connect Judaism with spirituality, environmentalism, food issues, yoga, and the wilderness. Currently, he mentors young Jewish people as they prepare for their coming of age ceremony, B’nai Mitzvah. In 2014, Raj became an initiate (murid) of the Inayat-Maimuni Order, blending Sufi and Hasidic principles and practices. As an Inayati-Maimuni facilitator (khadim), he leads meditation, breathwork, weekly zikr and conversation on the Naropa University campus. Raj has taught yoga for over a decade, blending movement with intention through classes and workshops in Boulder and around the country. Raj is a partner, advisor, and co-producer of the HeartFire Festival. When he is not working, he enjoys time with his family and friends and exploring Boulder’s many hiking trails. 

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My life is not defined by what I do for a living, but how I live in the world. I feel that being on a spiritual path gives me not only the foundation, morals and values, but also guides me towards something to aspire to and something to grow into. I have been a teacher and mentor my entire life. I love helping people achieve their goals, create their vision, find their purpose and create space in their lives to thrive and discover who they truly are. I have witnessed profound growth with people in times of struggle and in times of joy, in ceremony and in daily life. We have a very short time on this planet and what we do with this time is very important, if not the most important thing. I believe that through the practice of self awareness I can be of service. My thoughts, words and deeds come from a place of love and understanding.